Some people enjoy reading, some enjoy gaming. Both ways have their own unique experience as well as their good and bad points.

By combining the best elements of both, we present our book and game format.

Now the book and game are seamlessly interwoven together to make a complete package. Combined together, they supplement each other and enhance the overall experience.

By reading the book, you unlock additional possibilities in the game and vice versa.

Interact with the characters in the book and game, assist them at their request and travel around their world on your mobile devices and desktop computers.

In the Book&Game Format

Work in Progress

An interactive digital edition of the fantasy series, “Grey-haired Vyr’s family” by Victor Furs for children and grown ups. It is about the fascinating adventures of the little inhabitants in the magical forest of Dyvolis..

This is a story about friendship, ingenuity and having a team spirit when overcoming the real life obstacles.

Published as a series for ages
12 and up


This is a first-person adventure game, based on the “Grey-haired Vir’s family” series by Victor Furs.

The player can travel and explore the forest, interact with the characters, complete tasks and is going to be able to design and upgrade his/her own equipment, armor, weapon, ect.

This game is for ages
12 and up


Presented in 3 main formats


  • The book is currently available for smartphones and tablets, mobile and stationary PC;
  • New level of interaction with the 3D animated characters and environment;
  • The book and the game are interconnected.


  • Unique experience each time you play.
  • Customizable characters with no levels;
  • Full game from the start;
  • Possibility to sell equipment, armor, ect to other players.
  • The game and the book are interconnected.


  • Cards whith game characters;
  • Dyvolis Encyclopedia;
  • A dictionary of the ancient and rare ukrainian words;
  • Ukrainian paper edition of the “Grey-haired Vir’s family” series by Victor Furs;
  • Souvenirs;
  • Ect.


Creating for childrens, parents, whole family

We achieve that in:

  • Having a product, based on a fairy tale that has already achieved the highest ratings from our readers because of the depth and the literary language of the original as well as its atmosphere, breathtaking story, its writing style and highly developed characters with lots of depth and unique characteristics.
  • The product gets you acquainted with the characters' way of thinking about family, friendship, courage and philosophy.
  • The product appeals to a wide variety of ages, since everyone gets interested in different aspects of the story.